Elia Chiropractic is Melbourne’s finest family chiropractic service established to provide the broader community with high quality, affordable healthcare.


Our aim is to provide you with the best and most current evidence-based treatments to ensure you receive a high quality of care. We are committed to educate and empower you with the knowledge and inspiration needed to choose optimal health solutions. 


We continually strive for clinical excellence and ensure the highest ethics, integrity and professional standards are met to optimise patient care within a friendly and caring environment. We are a family chiropractic business, passionate about caring for families. We seek to educate and empower you and your whole family to choose optimal health and wellness solutions, integrating chiropractic techniques with nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle advice. 

Elia Chiropractic offers solutions for every member of the family, including the youngest. The care we provide for babies and children assists in keeping their spines and nervous systems healthy, while promoting organ function, stimulating brain activity, improving concentration levels, and boosting their self-regulating and healing mechanisms.

The spine and nervous system play vital roles in our body’s ability to get and stay healthy. As chiropractors, we regularly see how the lack of spinal health and proper function can diminish lives. We all stress our bodies with our everyday activities, or exercising to stay fit. These daily stresses affect our overall health. We strive to facilitate healing and proper function while offsetting the stresses of life. We know that chiropractic is a lifestyle choice – one that gives you the best opportunity to get the most out of life. Our services are designed to help you enjoy freedom from debilitating pain and discomfort. And our knowledgeable staff are ready to help you experience total health and wellness.

Our commitment to clinical excellence ensures you will always receive a quality treatment underpinned by the highest ethics, integrity, and professional standards.

Let us help you feel better and get better!